The Redy Marathon Initiative materialized through the support of marathoners and running enthusiasts, international race directors and volunteers who are determined to bring peace and goodwill to the world through the running. Stay fit and healthy with our progrtams. If you feel that you are ready to change your lifestyle, find inspiration and motivation, join our community!




Feeling great after the first training, and feeling so much better after accomplishing all the goals! And we have so much more to look forward to! Thank you guys from Redy for your help, support and awesome motivation. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez


I am excited about reaching new goals and meeting more amazing people who appreciate the sport and share the same thoughts. This is really motivational for newbies like myself. Thank you so much for your incredible work that you do for our generation and for the youth!

Jared Moore

Jared Moore


The healthy lifestyle makes us move, and running a marathon is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your body, spirit, and willpower. In our community, you will find support and motivation, as well as the way to success. Join our group to start this awesome journey!

Rita Mason

Rita Mason

Joe Martinez, EnthusiastJared Moore, DeveloperRita Mason, Designer



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